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January 24 the mexican revolution

January 24 the mexican revolution - January 24 Porfirio...

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January 24 Porfirio Diaz Seized power 1876 with support of disgruntled regional caudillos and military personnel, liberals fed up with patronage politics, and small landholders believing they would be protected Open support of Amerian capitalists Left office in 1880, but resumed power in 1884, until 1911 Porfiriato’s policies benefited landowners, moneylenders, and foreign capitalists: o Militarily suppressed peasant resistance to land seizure o By 1880 Diaz had granted huge subsidies for railway construction to North American companies Pan o palo : payoffs and benefits to upper and some middle class o Bribes: political offices, monopolies o Dissidents were hurt, murdered, or arrested Rurales : former bandits and vagrants recruited to suppress peasant unrest and break strikes State governors and members of Congress appointed by Diaz Mushrooming of administrative and coercive apparatus; government costs soared Generals appointed for loyalty to dictator inefficient military Church supported Diaz; in return was allowed to phase out anticlerical Reforma laws Cientificos insited on scientific administration of the state; specially influencial after 1892, and composed of businessmen and professionals o Economic progress paramount o Inherent inferiority of the native and mestizo population Concentration of land ownership skyrocketed The Mexican Revolution Fransisco Madero o Coahuila hacendado- member of the elite o Feared that existing social order would breed social revolution; wanted democracy, though one controlled by the elite o Criticized genocidal Indian wards and repression of strikes o Proposed a policy of modest concessions to peasants and workers o
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