7 April 1 Drugs

7 April 1 Drugs - Drug Trade and Violence in Colombia At...

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Unformatted text preview: Drug Trade and Violence in Colombia At least two million people have been displaced internally, and more than one million have left the country Intellectuals, gov officials, judges and the general populace were threatened by guerillas and para-military forces Colombia has come out of an economic recession Colombia is the worlds largest supplier of cocaine, and second largest supplier of heroine In April 2000 Clinton sent 1.3 billion dollars in military aid to Colombia Colombia is becoming an increasingly more important producer of oil Thesis: drugs and oil are only part of a much more complex story, of which US policies do not take into account Many claim that US aid is a cover-up for military actions against paramilitaries Indigenous population is only 2.5%; this sets it apart from other Latin American countries In the colonial period it was a very sparsely inhabited country Medellin was a center for gold mining Coffee is a middle altitude crop; in areas of eternal springtime Peasants began moving out of the highlands into the lowlands, start clearing the land and planning corn and beans They were followed by large scale entrepreneurs who would claim the lands and force them into expulsion or tenancy; taking over the land which frontier settlers had cleared This did not happen around the area of Medellin, and small scale coffee farms sprout up Juan Valdez- symbol of Colombian coffee The last quarter century has seen social cleansing groups, raising crime, and increasing drug-related violence Main Actors in Political violence: o Government- not a dictatorship o Guerilla groups o Drug trafficers o Paramilitaries o Colombian army...
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7 April 1 Drugs - Drug Trade and Violence in Colombia At...

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