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6 March 18 - March 18, 2008 Less Poverty? Fewer Poor?...

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March 18, 2008 Less Poverty? Fewer Poor? Poverty produces political malcontents which tend to lean then towards political left extremists To reduce poverty, development is not enough Consider stopping/slowing down population growth US promotes, Latin American governments support and participate actively: we must limit population growth! Massive dissemination of birth contrl Institutional Background 1922: Edward Scrippes established Scripps foundation for research in population problems 1936: Milbank Memorial Fund funded Princeton University’s Office of Population research 1945: UN organization; Frank Notestein, advisor, Population Commission, re- takes theme of Thomas Robert Malthus 1948: World Health Organization WHO also hesitant to promote population limitation Economic Commission for Latin America ECLA: Raul Prebisch (chairman) and import- substitution industrialization Late 1950s, the Tide Turns ELCA warns of inability of industry to absorb labor force Ansley Coale and Edgar Hoover’s Population Growth and Economic Development in Low Income Countries (1958) o The number of young people in a country negatively effects the country’s chances of industrializing – why? Because in the short term, the young require fixed expenses in health and education o These short term costs are not being used to invest in infrastructure, capital and industry Early 1960s “population explosion” from 63 M in 1900 to 160 M (1950) to 600 M in 2000! 1960s: first family planning programs: long term, offered mostly to women
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6 March 18 - March 18, 2008 Less Poverty? Fewer Poor?...

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