Essay 2 - Billy Hinshaw SOC 234 Essay #2 3/19/08 European...

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Billy Hinshaw SOC 234 Essay #2 3/19/08 European women and the Asians: The difference Between 1880 and 1924, an influx of foreign peoples immigrated to the U.S. Many of these people came not only from Europe, but also from Asia as well. The immigrants consisted of men, women, and children, from many different cultures, societies, and walks of life. With the immigration came many different types of stereotypes about these peoples, and hardly any group was immune, especially those of Eastern-European women and the immigrants from Asia. In the case of Asian immigrants, it is because of such stereotypes that they were dealt much negative behavior, mostly spurred by economic hardship, as well as the fact that their skin wasn’t white, but was “yellow”. (Salyer 847) According to Maxine Seller, Eastern European women were stereotyped as solitary housewives who were not only ignorant in the ways of American society and life, but were unwilling to assimilate into the American lifestyle. (Seller 71) While many women took on this role, many didn’t, however. (Seller 72) These were the women who, despite coming from a country that would expect the exact opposite, excelled in many fields that were before alien to such a person. These people settled in places like California (Seller 73), Chicago (Seller 74), and New York City (Seller 74). While many had the luxury of staying with a close relative who had
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Essay 2 - Billy Hinshaw SOC 234 Essay #2 3/19/08 European...

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