July 25 - PS 10 July 25 th 2006 In his essay’s he is...

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Unformatted text preview: PS 10 July, 25 th , 2006 In his essay’s he is tracing out how alienation came to be. Also want to talk about how we are distinguished by other animal species is by choice which gives rise to liberty. And empathy If we want to overcome alienation, we have to get as close to those qualities which are natural to us. The Social Contract is his question of asking how can we get close to our natural qualities. How can we reconcile living in society and submitting to its authority but at the same maintain your freedom which is one of the natural qualities. Notion of relative equality: What he means he is moral equality. He says that there should be no reflection of the natural inequality in the political. Plato wants to embody the natural inequalities into the system. In order for the general will to work effectively inordinate inequality can exist. If we are going to crate a political community and for each of us to have a connection with each other we have to realize that we have a common destiny inequality obscures that. The way we can maintain liberty and live under the authority of a political system is if each of us makes the laws. Create laws that you will believe everyone will subscribe to. Sovereign - the whole political community, the source of moral authority Government- executes the laws. The laws are given expression through the general. The government’s job is to implement the law State: Refers to the people and government when it is inactive....
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July 25 - PS 10 July 25 th 2006 In his essay’s he is...

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