July 27 - Marx took a great deal of his framework of...

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Marx took a great deal of his framework of analysis from Hegel. Marx’s theory is based entirely on this dialectical approach. Hegel tried to create an alternative to the way of knowing that was opposed to modern science. The claims to truth had to fit within a framework based on religion and faith for a long period of time. Modern science arose as a challenge to that. Each society manifested a different level of development of God’s externalization. World history is the process through which God manifests itself through the material force according to Hegel. It is not a sequence of unconnected events. It is the function of philosophy to develop reason in a way that will lead us to understand God’s plan The reason they were inadequate was because they could not explain how change or development came about. While most thought asserted that reality was static, but Hegel said that it is change at different rates. Everything in our experience shows us that everything changes. They also incorporated a certain type of logic. 1) ontology: What exists 2) epistomolgy: knowing how to get to the truth 3) logic: the rules for doing this Any entity can only what it is an not something else. Then, Hegel asks how we can explain change on this basis? Hegel says that this is appearance in immediacy. What we
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July 27 - Marx took a great deal of his framework of...

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