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T r o x e l   | 1 Alyssa Troxel Professor Sandra Allen Chemistry 100-003 October 19, 2007 John McCain’s Stance on the Environment John McCain is a Republican candidate for the 2008 presidential election. John McCain is an advocate for preserving and helping our National Parks. If elected, McCain would work to repeal Clinton’s executive order outlawing roads in more than 50 million acres of untouched wilderness. McCain did not contest defending the national forest preserve. Rather, he contests performing the deed through an executive order, even though the order set off a rule-making process that includes public comment. McCain called for innovative investment in the country’s 379 national parks, including the formation of bonds backed by park visitation fees. He anticipated creating “capital development bonds” to renovate the parks. Under his plan, the secretary of the interior would contract with private fund-raising groups to issue the bonds. McCain said that $800 million was recently granted to the federal government from disputing over whether borderline Alaska oil
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JohnMcCainPaperStanceOnEnvironment - T ro xe l |1 Alyssa...

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