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Histsrc5 - and women were created equal they are both moral...

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Wesley Cravens HIST 120 Mr. Harward 11 April 2008 Source #5 Women's Rights Part of this letter from the Massachusetts Congregational Clergy tells women to just stick to their “God Ordained” tasks and give up all the things that were meant to be done by men such as public speaking and teaching. It says that the duties of women are stated in the New Testament of the Bible. Sarah M. Grimke responds to the Pastoral Letter from the Congressional Clergy by stating that “Men
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Unformatted text preview: and women were created equal; they are both moral and accountable beings.” Supporters of the Cult of Domesticity thought that women belonged in the homes. They did not think that women should teach, minister, or in any way be above men in any situation. They believed that if any problem arose in the home, then it was, by default, the woman's fault, and she was supposed to resolve the problem....
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