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Positive and Negative Aspect Descriptive Writing As I am sitting here in my American History class, I am reminded by the fact that it is friday, which means that I have a few days off from school coming up. Of course this makes me so happy that I actually feel motivated to listen to the discussion. This is not just an average lecture. Everyone is asking questions and getting into the discussion about the Native Americans. The room is set up well so that the smaller sized room will look more spacious. The lighting is not to dark, and the light is not overpowering. As I look toward the door, I see though the small window people buying things from the vending machines. This reminds me that I get to leave after this class and go get something to eat for lunch. As I look toward the clock, I notice that there are only fifteen minutes left in class. As I am looking at the clock my teacher says that we just have to go over a few more things, then he will let us out early. This is definitely a good way to end the week. As I am sitting here in my final class of the day, I notice that I have not been paying much
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