Chapter 14 - CHAPTER 14: MEDIA RESEARCH 1. Public Opinion...

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C H A P T E R 1 4 : M E D I A R E S E A R C H 1. Public Opinion Sampling a. The effectiveness of mass media messages is measured through research techniques that are widely recognized in the social sciences and in business. These techniques include public- opinion polling, which relies on statistical extrapolation that can be incredibly accurate. Sad to say, less reliable survey techniques also are used, sullying the reputation of serious sampling. b. The Surveying Industry i. George Gallop – Introduced probability sampling. ii. Institute of American Public Opinion – Gallup polling organization. iii. Probability Sampling – Everyone in population being surveyed has an equal chance to be sampled. c. Probability Sampling i. Sample size – Number of people surveyed. ii. 384 – Number of people in a properly selected sample for results to provide 95 percent confidence that results have less than 5 percent margin of error. iii. Population – Group of people being studied. iv. Sample selection – Process for drawing individuals to be interviewed. v. Margin of error – Percentage that a survey may be off mark. vi. Statistical extrapolation – Drawing conclusions from a segment of the whole. vii. Confidence level – Degree of certainty that I survey is accurate. d. Quota Sampling – Demographics of the sample coincide with those of the whole population. e. Latter-Day Straw Polls i. 900 telephon number – Used for call-in surveys; respondents select themselves to participate and pay for the call. ii. Straw polls – Respondents select themselves to be polled; unreliable indicator of public opinion. iii. Roving photographer – Statistically unsound way to tap public opinion.
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Chapter 14 - CHAPTER 14: MEDIA RESEARCH 1. Public Opinion...

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