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BUSA Final - 1 The standard of proof in a product or...

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1) The standard of proof in a product or premises liability case is by a preponderance of evidence? A) True B) False 2) Civil trial juries have to reach a unanimous verdict for the plaintiffs to win. A) True B) False 3) Statute of limitations is a defense to: A) Product case B) Toxic Tart case C) Neither D) Both 4) Any substance may be toxic at a high enough dose A) True B) False 5) A Premises owner may have a duty to warm trespassers of: 6) The only way to change an EPA regulation if the agency fails to modify it is: 7) A threshold limit value is supposed to: 8) A product can be purposefully safe but yet defective due to an insufficient warning. A) True B) False
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9) Dave is employed by ABC Company at their factory in Morgantown. While at work, he is injured by an outside contractor working for 5am’s Plumbing. Who can Dave sue? A) ABC Company B) Sam’s Plumbing C) Both D) Neither 10) I own Smith Silica Mine. The spouse of one of my employee’s develops silicosis. Can the spouse sue Smith’s Silica Mine?
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