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Official Clothing Swap Rules (1)

Official Clothing Swap Rules (1) - ³me to browse clothing...

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Official Clothing Swap Rules 10/28/2015 1) A limited number of items will be pre-stocked on the clothing racks. 2) Swappers should bring items that are clean and free of holes and stains. NO undergarments, socks, or freebie-type items. Examples of acceptable items are: clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags/backpacks, hats, and scarves. 3) The first 20 minutes of the event are reserved for checking in and hanging clothes. Swappers can bring between 1 and 3 items to swap. They can donate more items if they wish, but cannot leave with more than 3 items. 4) Organizers will make an attempt to separate men’s and women’s items and hang them in size order, but time constraints may prevent exact organization. 5) Items will be checked in by organizers. Organizers will count items from each swapper and note the name and number of items a swapper enters with. 6) 20 minutes after the event begins, organizers will allow 1-5 people into the swap area at one
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Unformatted text preview: ³me to browse clothing. Each group will have 5 minutes to choose items. 7) Swappers will not be allowed to remove items From the event to try them on. They can put them on in Front oF provided mirrors over their clothes. 8) When a swapper wishes to exit the swap, organizers must compare the number oF items he or she is leaving with to the number that was noted For that person when they entered. Number oF items taken is not to exceed 3. 9) No ±gh³ng with each other or over items, swearing, or rude behavior will be tolerated. Organizers have the ±nal say in any disputes. 10) The swap will last 1.5-2 hours, based on a²endance. At the end oF the event, any remaining items will become property oF WVU and donated to a local charity....
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