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Clothing Swap2

Clothing Swap2 - Steps 1 PromoTe swap using provided...

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Clothing Swap Event Dates, Times, and Locations: Date and Time Location Helper 11/3 7:30 pm Boreman-Jen Garret 11/5 7pm Arnold-Garret Joe 11/8 7 pm Honors/Summit- Mary Emily 11/9 7 pm Towers/Lincoln-Joe, Bethany Owen 11/10 7pm Oakland- Bethany Mary 11/11 7pm Dadisman/Stalnaker-Emily Jen Event Details Host a clothing swap in your hall where residents can bring clothes to exchange and get clothes in return. How it works 1) Swappers bring 1-3 items to swap. 2) Everyone takes turns browsing the racks and picking that special item. 3) Everyone goes home with up to 3 items and donates any additional items to charity.
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Unformatted text preview: Steps 1) PromoTe swap using provided posTers weeks of OcT 26 Th and Nov 2nd 2) SeT up The swap room wiTh cloThing signage and a posTer of rules 3) ExecuTe The swap 4) Bag up any donaTed cloThes and leave in The room Set-up Kit will include: 1) CloThing racks 2) Hangers 3) A few Tables for cloThing 4) A Table for snacks and drinks 5) 2 full-lengTh mirrors 6) A few Tex²le recycling infographic posTers 7) PosT-iT noTes, safeTy pins, pens, noTebook 8) Radio for playing U92-pu³ng ouT The vibe 9) Bags for packing up The donaTed cloThing aFer The evenT...
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