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Professional Assessment Assignment-2

Professional Assessment Assignment-2 - PROFESSIONAL...

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PROFESSIONAL ASSESSMENT ASSIGNMENT In order to begin putting together comprehensive and appropriate personal marketing materials, it is first critical that you spend time assessing what you bring to any potential position. This activity gives you the opportunity to identify specific characteristics that will influence your choices about future positions. 1. Go back to the Strengths Finder book and online quiz you took last year. Print a copy of your results and review them, thinking about what you learned and changes that may have taken place as a result of your work experience this summer. If you want, you can re-take the quiz to see if any results are obviously different! 2. Spend time thinking about your responses to the attached questions. Read through them and really pay attention to your thoughts and feelings as you read them. Then begin to write down your responses to each. For some, one or two words will be fine. For others, you may want to make more notes or write out different views depending on certain scenarios. 3. Once you have identified some of your thoughts, dreams, concerns, and priorities, review any current professional materials (i.e. resumes, cover letters, etc.) to see how many of those things are actually reflected in your document. For now, you don’t have to do any revisions on your materials, but keep the info handy because it will help for future assignments!
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