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Phase 2 Grading Rubric-2

Phase 2 Grading Rubric-2 - DSGN 480 Designing Innovative...

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NAME: Exceeds requirements Professional quality work (“A” range) Meets requirements Generally good paper (“B-C” range) Does not meet requirements – needs significant revision (“C” & below) Paper includes a clear introduction providing information about the issue and giving appropriate context for the problem Paper provides thorough examination of research/information available on multiple topics related to your issue/problem Multiple resources are used appropriately in the narrative A wide variety of resources were researched to provide different input for informing your final solution Research included is not used to provide solutions, but rather to give inspiration, models, and new ideas Interview well incorporated into the research New information and ideas evident from interview responses Separate interview transcript provided Appropriate analysis of information uncovered during research included Critical thinking about ideas provided by research evident
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