HEV 100 notes 6-11-07

HEV 100 notes 6-11-07 - RESILIENCY in temperament makes...

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EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT (ERIKSON) Depends on Trust: “Will I be allowed to explore? Will someone be there when I get back?” If independence feels wrong or risky, shame and self-doubt may be more powerful INITIATIVE vs GUILT Initiative actions with purpose: heading for something, rather than just away from control of another. Learning about control over others. Desire for choices. Feelings of guilt: If made to feel that ideas are worth little, or other’s orders take precedence over own internal ones. Learning to make self feel shame and guilt is necessary if earned, but not as a predominant part of self-concept. These two stages are the critical tasks until about 6. TEMPERAMENT : Genetic precursors of personality. Temperament causes each person to experience different emotions, require different strategies to modify behavior. GOODNESS OF FIT with parents, teachers, spouses, environment…determines what placement on trait continuums benefits a person.
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Unformatted text preview: RESILIENCY in temperament makes some more resistant to the environment and/or appealing to potential mentors. Comprised of a set of protective factors: • Positive Quality of Mood (elicit positive responses from others). • Adaptability (quick recovery from set-backs) • Develop special interests (modifies effects of negative environment) • Above-average intelligence (seek explanations for slights, beyond personal shortcomings) EARLY CHILDHOOD PHYSICAL DOMAIN GROSS MOTOR: Large muscles; fundamental motor skills. Stages relate to nervous system, practice, coaching, and inherent abilities. High energy/ slow growth rate = less food/more sleep than parents often assume. FINE MOTOR : small muscles of hands and fingers; eye-hand coordination. Grasp goes from palmar (whole hand) to pincer (finger-thumb) to “controlled tripod” Hand-dominance fully established by 4 or 5....
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HEV 100 notes 6-11-07 - RESILIENCY in temperament makes...

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