HEV 100 notes 6-12-07

HEV 100 notes 6-12-07 - 6-12-07COGNITIVE DOMAIN:...

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Unformatted text preview: 6-12-07COGNITIVE DOMAIN: PIAGETAccomplishments by the end of the Sensorimotor Sage:Internal (symbolic) Representation (memory of objects/events)Symbolic play with pretend, toysSignals, pictures, words as symbolsThese are components of using all of Piagets FOUR KINDS OF KNOWLEDGE as schema,and mark involvement into the PREOPERATIONAL STAGE (about 2-5)Operation: an action or thought that can be reversed and integrated with other actions.PIAGETS FOUR KINDS OF KNOWLEDGE(Used across the stages, after early infancy; the schemas that mark movement from sensorimotor to preoperational stages)1.PHYSICAL KNOWLEDGE(Experiments with the natural world)discover what it does2.LOGICOMATHEMATICAL(Comparisons and categories)decide what its like/unlike3.REPRESENTATIONAL(One thing symbolizes another)pretend or project its meaning4.SOCIAL KNOWLEDGE(People have rules and labels)learn its name and uses1, 2, and 3: internally constructed through play/actions; 4 requires instruction, memorizing, and correct answers.memorizing, and correct answers....
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HEV 100 notes 6-12-07 - 6-12-07COGNITIVE DOMAIN:...

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