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The purpose of this assignment is for students to track their progress and experience at their internships. one-page (250 words- 400 words) 1. Detailed descriptions of your work experiences/responsibilities 2. Evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the structures and policies you observe in your internship organization (e.g. management style, departmental structure, etc.) 3. Identify the similarities or contradictions between what you have studied in your classes and what you are seeing in your work environment This week marks my first month of working at Giorgio Armani’s West Coast Entertainment and Public Relations office. The main activity of our office revolves around the showroom. The showroom houses all of the Giorgio Armani lines, and is where stylists or celebrities come in to borrow clothes for special events such as awards or premieres, photo shoots, and magazine editorials. By lending out clothes to celebrities, in return Giorgio Armani receives great publicity. From day one I have absolutely loved my internship. It’s very demanding and has
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