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Language Development

Language Development - Language Development Language is...

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Language Development Language is : Form of communication based on a set of symbols Language Rule Systems -Phonology: the sound system, the sound that you are making. “a” , “bc”, “ha” “see” every culture has their own set of phoneme -Morphology: units of meaning, things such as past tense, present tense. Possession. IE, kids say Me want instead of I want. -Syntax: -Semantics: meanings of words, what words mean -Pragmatics: using the right words in the right context, you say hi when you come and bye when you leavee Evidence for Biological Influences The role of the brain - the left hemisphere: language development - Broca’s Area ( in the left frontal lobe), if you have damage to this area, you have problems with speech production - Wernicke’s Area: damage in this area leads to problems in speech comprehension Evidence: Aphasia in these areas of the brain resulted in: the inability to use and speak words Evidence for Biological influences -Noam Chomsky- Language Activation Device (LAD)
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