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Leslie Rosenfeld 1/29/08 ECN 202 Assignment #1 For my assignment I chose to read the article by James Fallows, called “The view from there”. I found this article to be particularly interesting as it was coming from a person’s point of view from his own experiences. He made a very good point when stating that it is easier to see a country more clearly from the outside. As Americans, we look at our country from our inside point of view. However, even if we have left the country before we don’t sit down and take a good look at America from a different perspective. I think from the inside, we look at America as having not such a great economy as of right now. Although, when he looked at America’s economy while being in China, or Japan, he saw even worse situations. James Fallows makes a terrific argument when he shows us the difference between how we perceive China and how China perceives themselves. We look to them as a threat to our superiority in the world. Yet, they don’t see themselves as a threat or a superior nation because they are trying to
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