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Leslie Rosenfeld 3/11/08 Assignment 5 ECN 202 I found the article called “Looking Back on Tomorrow” by David Brooks quite interesting surprisingly. Most of the time when people write about globalization, the economy and the rise of technology, it is hard for them to keep their opinion out of it. However, I found that Mr. Brooks was pretty objective when it came to this article. He broke it up into three main sections for us to think about. These sections were remaking human nature, globalization, and inequality. I found that the whole main idea that brought all three of these topics together, is the rise of technology. The rise of technology in the world is closely tied into the economy. When he begins to talk about remaking human nature, he says how we will create “regenerative medicine”, and prevent illness and disease by messing with gene therapy. All of this is because of our tremendous breakthroughs with technology. This ties into the economy because of social security. He says how people will probably live to be 320
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