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Leslie Rosenfeld 3/3/07 TMD 240 Paper 1 The fashion plate that I chose to research depicts a woman’s riding fashion, and daytime outdoor dresses as well. There is no date but from my research I have concluded that this fashion plate is from the Victorian era, dated about the late 1850’s or early 1860’s. I determined this from many factors about this picture. Some of those are the fact that she is riding sidesaddle, wearing a riding habit with a top hat and veil, and the ladies on the right are wearing laced bonnets and large daytime dresses. Riding sidesaddle or “aside” in the 19 th century was looked upon as elegant, charming and required a great deal of skill. Most of the time it was the wealthy who could afford to ride since it was expensive to maintain a horse and own a fitted habit for riding. The horse as well, needed to be instructed to “carry a lady”. These horses would be called a “lady’s horse or pony”. It was required that a woman who was interested in riding own a fitted habit. These dresses went through periods of change just like every other fashionable item at the time. It was popular for the habit dress to be worn with a top hat and veil. However, for dusty roads, the veil must be black as to remain looking clean and well kept. The dresses had full, flowing skirts. Even though they were fashionable they were also a danger to the rider and sometimes the horse. Even with the dangers and of catching onto branches or even the horses legs, the habit had to be fashionable. It was
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fashion plate - Leslie Rosenfeld TMD 240 3/3/07 Paper 1 The...

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