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garment project - 3 Materials Trims Findings The fabric...

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Leslie Rosenfeld Garment Project- TMD 222 Dr. Hannel 2. Description of Structure My garment has a turndown collar with a separate stand. It is not a roll collar because it does not have buttons at the tip of the collar. The front opening is a normal button down opening. The back of the shirt has a yoke that extends to the front of the shirt right hear the high point shoulder. My shirt has a barrel cuff with a tailored placket. There is no pocket attached to my shirt. There are 2 darts on the front of the shirt on each side of the front opening as well as 2 darts on the back going straight down. My garment’s hem includes mostly a running stitch.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Materials, Trims, Findings The fabric content of my shirt is 100% cotton. It is plain weave. My collar has a fused interfacing on both sides of the collar. The cuff also has a fused interfacing except this time the interfacing is only on one side of the cuff. There are 8 buttons included on the front opening of the shirt, including the one at the top by the collar. There is one button on each cuff, and one button on each tailored placket. 4. Pieces 100% Cotton, Plain weave 2 fronts 2 backs 1 yoke 2 sleeves 1 front opening 2 tailored placket’s 100% polyester, fused woven interfacing 2 collars 2 cuffs 2 collar stands...
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