tmd103nonwoven - body. From what I’ve learned about...

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Leslie Rosenfeld 4/7/08 Assignment 6 TMD 103 The product I chose for my non-woven garment is a windbreaker. This is an outerwear jacket that is designed to protect the wearer from rain, wind, and other harsh weather. It is a durable non-woven because of the fact that you can wear this garment multiple times without being ruined. This jacket is 100% nylon, which most non-wovens tend to be (Also can be polyester and olefin). Nylon is a manufactured fiber, intended to be a synthetic replacement for silk. It is a thermoplastic fiber, which is a good characteristic of a fiber for outerwear. It is a filament length fiber. There are many good advantages of having nylon as a fiber used for a windbreaker. First, it is extremely durable. Durability is a very important function that a garment must have for certain activities. It also has good abrasion resistance, high resiliency, and is a fiber that will melt instead of burning. It is very resistant to wind, and rough temperatures, while obtaining heat given off from the
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Unformatted text preview: body. From what I’ve learned about non-woven textiles, I believe that this garment was formed by the method of polymer laid. The definition states that polymer-laid fabrics are produced as thermoplastic fibers are extruded from a spinneret. Since there are two types of polymer-laid non wovens, I would say that it was formed by spun bonding. Caring for this garment requires the owner to machine wash with cold water. It is important to hang dry this garment as to prevent shrinkage or other damaging effects. I would definitely own a garment like this because the characteristics of the fiber and the way it was formed, makes an extremely durable garment. From my own experience, this garment has gone through rain, wind and sleet while keeping me warm and not being damaged. I recommend this fiber, and this garment as a whole to other consumers looking for a durable good....
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tmd103nonwoven - body. From what I’ve learned about...

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