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tmd103-6redo - to have Polyester is a chemically resistant...

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Leslie Rosenfeld 4/10/08 Assignment 6 TMD 103 The product I chose for a non-woven is a Bounce dryer sheet. This product is designed to prevent static cling, provide softness to garments, and also give a fresh scent to the garments as well. This would be considered a disposable non-woven, because after using a dryer sheet, you would dispose of it. Most dryer sheets are made out of 100% polyester, which is a common fiber used in non-wovens. It is the most widely used synthetic fiber. Polyester can be easily blended with other fibers. Polyester is a melt-spun fiber. Polyester is also very easily modified to meet consumer needs. It has excellent strength, which is a good characteristic for a fiber
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Unformatted text preview: to have. Polyester is a chemically resistant fiber, which is good because cleaning chemicals will not damage the dryer sheet. From what Ive learned about non-woven textiles, I believe that this garment was formed by Dry-laid bonded web. It is bonded by heat. A web of fibers is formed and then held together by heat bonding. Caring for this product is simple. Since polyester will not be attacked by insects or mildew, storage in room temperature is fine. Bleaches or heavy-duty laundry detergents will not negatively affect this product. Dryer sheets should be disposed of after use....
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