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TMD 103 Assign5 - garment and they can also be warm for...

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Leslie Rosenfeld 03/29/08 Assignment 5 TMD 103 This garment I chose is a comfortable, lightweight knitted top. It is a cotton and spandex blend of fibers. The top is a single jersey knit top. Since it is a jersey knit, we know that this garment is a weft knit. Jersey knits have all knit stitches on the front and purl stitches on the back. This type of knitting is shown by the front being smooth, with vertical wales. The back is textured with horizontal courses. Because this top is a jersey knit, it stretches both crosswise and lengthwise. This is a more versatile fabric compared to a woven garment which can only stretch along the bias. A jersey knit will tend to run however, if a stitch breaks. The fabric will also tend to curl when cut because of the high tension that it is held under during production. (Elsasser,140) I like using jersey knit products because they can range from lightweight to heavyweight. They are comfortable when it is warm out and you need a light knitted
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Unformatted text preview: garment and they can also be warm for colder temperatures. They stretch pretty easily which makes the garment comfortable as well. However, like I said jersey knits will tend to curl or twist, after being washed repeatedly. Knitted products are a very popular because of their stretch ability, the fact that they can be very lightweight, and their ease of fit. They have the ability to stretch and recover as the body moves. Knitted garments are also cheaper than woven products. I like this specific knitted garment because it is a simple jersey knit but is accented with the lace on the bottom hem and the hand sewn beads on the top. It turns an ordinary, functional fabric into a fun design. References: Elsasser, Virginia Hencken(2005). Textiles: Concepts and Principles. Fairchild, New York. Hiatt, June Hemmons. (1988). The principles of knitting: Methods and techniques of hand knitting. Simon and Schuster, New York....
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