review - EMG- detects muscle weakness by sound EOG- tests...

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Case studies-single event Experiments- test observations to prove Rene Descartes- founder of psych first to test human behavior scientifically/hydrolics Luigi Galvani- electrical impulses Muller-ablation/brain affects certain parts. Flourens- ablation documented what did what Nerve energies- every nerve does a certain thing-Muller Cerebral angiography- cerebral blood filled structures Ct-computerized tomography- picture of head structure Pet scan-tests metabolic activity gives zdg MRI- magnetic field of electrical impulses in head Fmri-up to date impulses WAIS- 3 sections piq,viq,and both Rpt-Sensory based cognitive process Wisconsin card sorting test- cards that you match but don’t know how but if u are right or wrong EEG- electrodes placed on scalp measures brain electrical impulse MEG- measures magnetic fields in brain by electrical activity
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Unformatted text preview: EMG- detects muscle weakness by sound EOG- tests retina electrodes measure movement EKG- on skin takes heart rate sees weakness Experimental ablation- removal by surgery to test after Stereotaxic surgery- open head stick it in Cryogenic blockade- temp stop a part temp stop its functions by freezing Aspiration lesion- lesion by tissue is removed Radio frequency lesion- pipe is heated by radio wave heat current Neurotoxin lesion/excitotoxic- chemical to hit specific parts Electrical stimulation- stimulate a specific part with electricity to see function 2 Neurotransmitter-chemical in body thats used for a specific purpose Receptor and binding site- where chemicals bind Acetylcholine- class of its own NT makes you excited in cns and activates muscles in pns Acetylcholine synthesis- acetyl coenzyme A Neuraxis- soincal...
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review - EMG- detects muscle weakness by sound EOG- tests...

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