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Psy 0505 Biopsychology

Psy 0505 Biopsychology - Psy 0505 Biopsychology Homework 5...

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Psy 0505 Biopsychology Homework 5: Hunger and Eating PRINT Name: ____________________________________ Biopsychology Jeopardy ! Carefully read the following Jeopardy! answers and in the space provided write the specific term for the question. Note: all the information that you need to correctly fill-in-the-blanks of the Jeopardy! questions can be found in your textbook a nd/or in your class notes. 2 points each 1. What is ____________set point_____________________ ? Process by which the body’s physiological processes are maintained at their balanced optimal level 2. What is __________insulin_______________________ ? Pancreatic hormone that aids in cell absorption of glucose 3. What is _______ Glucagon __________________________ ? Stimulates conversion of glycogen to glucose 4. What is __________absorbative phase ? The phase of metabolism that occurs when food is present in the digestive tract 5. What is _____________ventromedial hypothalmus____________________ ? Damage to this area resulted in uncontrollable eating and obesity in rats and was
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