Part 2 - Problem

Part 2 - Problem - Problems from Marasmus and Keratomalacia...

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Problems from Marasmus and Keratomalacia A very common type of malnutrition that is found in the Northern Ghana area is marasmus. 1 Marasmus is due to high deficiency of carbohydrates, fats and especially proteins in infants. The deficiency in protein is known as protein-energy deficiency. Symptoms of marasmus include rapid body weight loss; loose skin due to the weight loss, growth retardation; also rectal prolapse. Marasmus begins before the age of 1 and continues to weaken the body as it ages. 2 Protein-energy deficiency is defined by taking the measurements of the normal weight for age and if it’s 2 standard deviations below the normal measurement then it is positive for protein-energy deficiency, and means the person is underweight. They also take the height for the age, which if it’s also 2 standard deviations below normal, is considered stunting. If weight for the height is 2 standard deviations below normal, that is considered wasting. If all of these are the 2 standard deviations below, then the person is positive for protein-energy deficiency. 3 Another reason for protein-energy deficiency which causes marasmus is due to mother’s not breast feeding their babies long enough. Mothers stop breast feeding their children and that stops all of the natural nutrients and proteins from getting to their child in the beginning of their life. The other problem is that even if the mother’s do breast feed enough, due to not meeting the dietary requirements for protein, their child is still not obtaining their proper amount of protein and other nutrients.
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Part 2 - Problem - Problems from Marasmus and Keratomalacia...

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