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American Music History Paper - Dennis Lawrence America...

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Dennis Lawrence America Saves the Day While pondering on what song I would choose, I tried to think of a song that represented the strength of America. I had a tough time trying to find a song like this, but then it came to me as my roommate was humming a true patriotic song the other day, the theme song for the comedy “Team America: World Police”. The song is called “America, F**k Yeah” by Trey Parker. It is an educational song that discusses the strength, responsibility and the immense economy growth of the United States of America. This film is a satire on the War on Terror. It makes fun of almost every political leader at the time and also makes fun of many celebrities who feel it’s there duty to voice their political issues against the War on Terror. The song, “America, F**k Yeah” is the theme song of the movie as the team of American police fight off terrorists throughout the film. With the higher awareness of terrorism in our country, there is more of a push recently to stop it at all costs. One line in the song is, “coming again to save the mother f**king day” which discusses the strength and world dependence on America. After the horrible events that occurred on 9/11, America took a larger stance on the world’s policy against terrorism due to the first hand affect it had on American citizens. Along with America, NATO invoked Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which states that any attack on one of the 19 countries is an attack on all of them. When the terrorists attacked our country on September 11, 2001, killing almost three thousand civilians, our country came together stronger than ever. There was a true
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sense of patriotism throughout the whole country. There were American flags hanging over every bridge, building, and home with pride. Our country was willing to do anything at that moment to put a stop to terrorism. Like the use of the Office of War Information during World War II, it wasn’t too difficult to sell the war on terrorism. Tons of people were donating money and many people were joining the armed forces in reaction of the attacks in order to find the monsters responsible. One line in the song says, “Terrorist your game is through cause now you have to answer to America, F**k yeah”. This best describes the fighting spirit that the citizens of the country had right after the terrorist attacks. Pearl Harbor was the first attack on American soil, which brought America into
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American Music History Paper - Dennis Lawrence America...

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