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Consumer Report - Problem Recognition- "Steve"...

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Problem Recognition- “Steve” has dandruff and his girlfriend dumped him because he was “that guy”. Search- He began looking at the supermarket in the isles for other alternatives of different brands that help with dandruff control and also asked his barber what he thought he should use Alternative Evaluation- He had to choose between the 50 dollar shampoo that does everything, or the cheaper dollar shampoo that wouldn’t help much with dandruff, or other products in between. Evaluative Criteria- His criteria was that the shampoo had to have dandruff control and fit in his budget Beliefs- He has been raised on Johnson & Johnson No Tear Shampoo, and believes that his eyes will burn if he uses another brand Attitudes- He is afraid to buy other brands of shampoo, but wants to get rid of his dandruff. He doesn’t want to pay too much for shampoo Intention- Even though afraid, he intends to buy a new shampoo to get rid of dandruff Choice- Steve chose the in between product Head & Shoulders that didn’t hurt his
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Consumer Report - Problem Recognition- "Steve"...

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