Assignment #1 controversial america

Assignment #1 controversial america - Dennis Lawrence...

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Dennis Lawrence English 101 Assignment #1 9/9/05 Controversial America There are a number of great films like Forrest Gump or Far and Away that really give a first-class perspective on how life was or is in America, but there is another aspect of our country that is often overlooked when trying to examine this country. Though it is taking a controversial route on life in America, it is still a necessary role in the buildings of this country, whether for better or worse. Boondock Saints is the perfect film to best describe the darker route on the tales of this country. Troy Duffy’s Boondock Saints is a story about two Irish immigrant brothers who live in Boston and find themselves mixed up in a fight with a few men from the Russian mafia. The two brothers believe God is sending them a calling to rid the city of these men. They decide to take the law into their own hands and clean the streets of Boston from all the evil men, while at the same time they’re being closely followed by an FBI agent, who is stuck in an internal conflict of stopping these men or letting them do what he also believes should be done. This film deals with the corruption in America by illegal organizations such as the Italian and Russian mafias. It shows how in some cities, whether it is noticed or not, the streets are completely run by the mafia. I’ve been told by many people that the mafia is dead now, but that is an ignorant statement. Illegal organizations such as the mafia are still alive just as strong as they were back in the twenties, they’re just more cautious about how much publicity they get now. The Russian mafia has had a large
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wave of growth in America in the past ten years, and is making an impact.
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Assignment #1 controversial america - Dennis Lawrence...

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