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Gospel of John - Gnostic Ideas Dualistic Imagery Life and...

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Gospel of John- theme of love! Authorship Anonymous “disciple whom Jesus Loved”? Traditional- John the Apostle John the Elder (author of letters) Johannine School or Community Date Unknown Most common guess- mid 90s- rough language about Jews Relation to Synoptic Gospels John is NOT part of the Synoptic Problem- unique material Probably used written sources Relation to Gnosticism John’s insistence on Jesus’ true physical humanity may be to counter
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Unformatted text preview: Gnostic Ideas Dualistic Imagery Life and death Light and darkness Truth and error Things above and things below Flesh and spirit Belief and unbelief Common Words with Special Theological Sense Believe Eternal life “signs” – seven signs- see book – (wine to raising dead) NOT MIRACLES! Word (logos) I AM sayings...
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