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Objective Worksheet

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Objective Worksheet 1. Print your objectives on this worksheet. 2. Talk with your small group about your internship, your objectives, and how you will try to accomplish them. 3. Take the worksheet with you and review it with your internship coordinator and revise according to their suggestions. 4. Keep these objectives handy so that you can go back to them throughout your internship and keep yourself on check. 5. At the end of your internship, evaluate yourself and see how you did in terms of accomplishing your internship objectives. Objective 1: Career Growth *State how you will explore an aspect of your field, and how you will go about learning more about it. Specify at least 3 steps you will take to achieve the goal. 1. Set up informational interviews with my supervisors. Find exactly what their job entails, what their career path was, and advice they have about the industry. In addition, find out how I can improve based on their observations and interaction with me. Furthermore, find out what their goals are for the company.
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