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Toruno 4 Justin Toruno Professor Beaumont Lit 2020 – 25 25 February 2008 A Lonely Life In John Steinbeck’s short story, The Chrysanthemums , the main character Elisa Allen leads an extremely lonely and fruitless life. She carries out the same tasks daily and never expects anything in return for her efforts. Her own husband does not really appreciate the kind thing she does for him, but rather expects her to help him turn a profit on their farm and complacently complete her chores. When Elisa meets a traveling salesman while her husband is away, she finally realizes that her life could be much more exciting than the one that she is currently leading. When her husband returns, he notices that her personality and outlook on things has seemingly changed, but he disregards the change as somewhat of a phase and continues on with things the way they always were, causing Elisa to face that her life would always be the same. The development of the protagonist has to do with her realization that something is missing from her life. The conflict in the story is that when she recognizes her shortcoming and tries to alter it, it is seemingly impossible to do because of the subservient role she takes to her husband. At the begging of the book, we are introduced to the main character, Elisa, as a hard working woman with many of male attributes. The one thing she takes pride in is her ability to grow anything, especially her chrysanthemums. Her attention to detail when it comes to gardening is almost as precise as threading a needle. The main problem is that her own husband, Henry, frequently disregards her hobby as something frivolous for which she is wasting time that could better be spent helping him raise crops, thus earning them more money for the farm. He
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Toruno 4 constantly discusses the business of the farm and how much money they are either earning or losing, making Elisa’s hobby, and in turn her life, seem frivolous and worthless. Henry even makes it known to Elisa how much he dislikes her gardening by completely ignoring her when she was trying to vocalize what else she had to do before they went to town for dinner. Elisa fails to fully realize how empty her life really is until she meets someone who shows her a bit of
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lit2020 - Toruno 4 Justin Toruno Professor Beaumont Lit...

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