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Toruno 1 Justin Toruno Professor Hoffman HUM 3321-17 Due Date: 9 July 2007 Wd. Count - 956 ISA in The 40-Year-Old Virgin My film of choice was, The 40-Year-Old Virgin , and it partakes as an ideological state apparatus. My film is about a 40 year old man named, Andy, who is still a virgin, but by choice. His choice is neither due to a religious one nor a medical dysfunction of his genitalia, but due to unfortunate past events that has mentally scarred him. After a night of poker with a group of guys from work that befriend Andy, the truth comes out that he’s a virgin. The next day, Andy is harassed by his co-workers and he flees the store with one of the co-workers, Dave, in pursuit. When Dave finally corners Andy, he admits that he respects women so much that he stays away from them completely. This is what makes the movie function as an ideological state apparatus, instead of Andy conforming to society and actually fitting the stereotypical man and having the drive to constantly want sex; he passes by the opposite sex with out the thought. Stereotypes are linked to ideology, especially in the case of this movie. The obvious stereotype that people give men is that they’re all immature, sex addicts who let their other “head” lead the way. This stereotype however does contribute to society because when a man does fit this stereotype, there’s always that one woman, who falls for the guy, then has sex with him, and then in some cases keeps the population going with a pregnancy. So even though the
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ideology - Toruno 1 Justin Toruno Professor Hoffman HUM...

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