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Toruno 1 Justin Toruno Dr . B . Osborne Intro to Theatre – Sec 2 3 October , 2007 Word Ct. – 1,059 Gender in M . Butterfly The role of gender in M . Butterfly was used in many different ways throughout the book . As the book progressed , there were several things that would raise an eyebrow to why Hwang decided to write his play that way . There were several characters and a couple of scenes that stood out of the book to help answer the question , how the roles of gendered were blurred . The obvious being a man pretending to be a woman is not the only case of roles of gender being twisted . Authors will usually find a way to put their own spin on things , which includes going against what society is used too . Hwang manages to put his own touch by confusing the roles of gender throughout his play . A perfect example of how Hwang has mixed up the roles of gender is with the character of Chin . To be more precise is how Chin interacts with Song . I found their relationship to be very ironic because of the fact that Song , who we thought to be a very shy and bashful Chinese woman who actually turned out to be a man , was taking orders from Chin , who seems to be a very liberated woman and doesn’t fit the stereotype that the book gave to China , and all women
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Toruno 2 in China especially . Even her name , Chin , sounds as if a man should be playing that role . Chin’s character appears several times throughout the book
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m butterfky - Toruno 1 Justin Toruno Dr. B. Osborne Intro...

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