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SHORT CALCULUS Math 16C Sec 1 Fall 2008 Mid-term exam 2 Study Guide Peter Malkin The structure of the mid-term exam is as follows. Below is a list of the sections covered by each question together with an exhaustive list of types of questions that I might ask on the mid-term exam for each question. The list of types of questions are not given in any order. Sections 7.3. Find the domain and range of a function and sketch the domain. Sketch the level curves of a given function or surface. Sketch a contour map of a function or surface. Sections 7.4. Find the first order partial derivatives and second order partial derivatives of a function. Evaluate the first order and or second order partial derivates of a function at a point. Find the slope of a surface z = f ( x, y ) at a point in the x -direction and y -direction.
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Unformatted text preview: • Sections 7.5. – Find the critical points of a function. – Classify the critical points of a function. • Section 7.6. – Find the minimum or maximum of a functions in several variables subject to one or two constraints using the Lagrange multiplier method. • Sections 7.8 - 7.9. – Find the partial integral of a function. – Find a function given its partial derivatives. – Evaluate a double integral. – Draw the region of integration given a double integral. – Change the order of integration of a double integral. – Find the area of a region in 2-dimensions by evaluating a double integral. – Find the volume under a surface and above a region by evaluating a double integral. – Find the average value of a function over a region by evaluating a double integral. 1...
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