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the birds - Toruno 1 Justin Toruno Professor Beth Osborne...

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Toruno 1 Justin Toruno Professor Beth Osborne November 19, 2007 THE 2000 - Sec. 2 The Birds - Production Paper Many productions have been passed down through centuries and regardless of being made long ago; people still go out to the theatre to enjoy, The Birds. Even though this was a smaller production then, Into the Woods, so much time and effort went into this fine piece of work. Everything in this production of, The Birds, fit hand in hand with each other. Whether it is the clothing of the human characters of Pithetaerus and Euelipides, or the messengers, the costumes seemed to be made very well for the time it was representing. Besides the costumes playing an important role in this play, the scene design was essential. From the moment I sat down in the theatre, I knew the stage was set up to represent a birdcage. The sound was huge in this play. One of the main reasons why I also knew the stage was supposed to represent a bird cage was the sound effects of birds in the background. Finally, the acting helped sell the entire play to the audience and made me actually believe I was truly in a birdcage. In Geoffrey Kershner's The Birds, he uses the design of the costumes, the stage design, the sound, and the acting to help support the concept of his production of, The Birds. The way the characters were dressed really made the play what it was. At first, only the characters Pithetaerus and Euelipides were out on the stage using their dialect to entertain the audience. Their costumes were obviously not authentic to the time period for which the play is from and based off of, but the costume designer, Tammie Noelle Merheb, did a wonderful job at putting a modern day twist on them. Their costumes were also comical as the
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the birds - Toruno 1 Justin Toruno Professor Beth Osborne...

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