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gea1000midtermreview - Historical development Migration and...

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World Geography Midterm Review Guide The midterm questions come from my lectures, your notes, textbook familiarity, and, to a very minor extent, videos you have seen in class (If you saw them, you’ll know them!) As a guide to the lectures what follows is a list of topics covered from each broad category or region that I have talked about in class so far. Introduction: What is geography? Why study it? What do geographers study? Regions Physical Geography Internal and external processes Climate and weather Human Geography Culture Globalization Economy – formal and informal Free Trade and alternatives Geopolitics US and Canada: Population patterns Urbanization Similarities and differences How they are interrelated NAFTA Immigration patterns Quebec, Puerto Rico, Greenland Middle and South America: Major landforms Climate – El Nino Population patterns:
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Unformatted text preview: Historical development Migration and urbanization Three major economic phases Regional trade agreements Environmental degradation Fair trade Foreign involvement Drug trade issues Europe: Major landforms Physical layout of Europe The European Union (EU) What are its goals? How does it achieve them? What qualifies a country to be a member? How do people feel about it? Individual Eastern European countries discussed Social welfare programs (different types) Immigration Russia and the former countries of the USSR: Major landforms Commonwealth of Independent States Communist history Population distributions and changes Economics under communism and economics now Transportation problems Political situation - internationally and internally Environmental concerns Individual countries and/or sub-regions...
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gea1000midtermreview - Historical development Migration and...

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