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Professor Lynn Ta DOC 1: Diversity DOC 1: Diversity - Lecture Notes Week Zero: Course Introduction Deconstructing Diversity o What types of diversity are there? o What do you think of when you hear these terms? o What types of diversity matter? o Are all types of diversity equal? o Structural inequality: a type of inequality in which rights and resources are kept in check by systems of power. o Inequality is about limitations of opportunity Week One: Defining Identity Randall Kennedy – Civil Rights and the Black Identity o Frederick Douglass Advocates for a civil rights amendment Tradition and values have informally established slavery despite emancipation – so strong it could reemerge The US is a republic and cannot tolerate a privileged class (in this case a racial class) “What the Fourth of July Means for the Negro” – discrepancy between ideas and practices o Booker T. Washington Self help and vocational training are the primary vehicles for racial uplift – gain respect, assimilation Criticisms: naïve (NAACP) there are systems of power in place that will make this advancement difficult o W.E.B. DuBois Criticized Washington as “the great accommodator” (to those white elites in power) Should pursue higher education to uplift First black to earn PhD from Harvard Father of Pan-Africanism Why try to appease the whites that are holding you down? Double consciousness, double identity Black/American How does it feel to be a problem? Doesn’t need to make himself white – both identities must coexist together. o Martin Luther King Jr. “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Jailed for nonviolent protest against unfair hiring practices for blacks Can’t wait for the right time to take action…have waited long enough Privileged groups seldom give up their privileges without difficulty – they will not relinquish their spot at the top to elevate blacks. Civil disobedience Legality is not equal to rightness or morality There is a gap between the values of democracy and reality in the US. His point of view stands between those blacks who have accepted segregation after being so lost and beaten down that they have lost their sense of self and those African national groups who want to “Africanize” America
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Audre Lorde (1979) – The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House o Intersectionality: the ways in which concepts like race, sexuality, class, and gender overlap and thus complicate, change, and shift the ways we look at issues. o other categories must be looked at as well. o Masters Tools Will Never Dismantle Master’s House – can’t use the tools of the existing structure to destroy it, one must step outside the paradigms and work from outside o Patriarchal model of women’s maternal power assumes heterosexuality. o
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DOC - Professor Lynn Ta DOC 1: Diversity DOC 1: Diversity -...

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