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DOC 1: Diversity Final Study Guide Key Terms Transnational motherhood: Immigrant women who work and reside in the US leave their children in their countries of origin. o Changing concepts of the ideal mother o Often develop bonds with the children of their employers. o Receive criticism from other Latina mothers who have brought their children with them. o Stands also against model of white middle class models of motherhood where the mother stays home with the children. o Cult of domesticity Fat studies: Not the belief that fat people could and should lose weight weight loss industry. Not the belief that being fat is a disease and fat people can’t lead healthy and long lives. Not the belief that thin is inherently beautiful and fat is ugly. Fat studies is descriptive and not prescriptive, and acknowledges that weight, like height, varies naturally across human populations. o Intersections between being fat and societal impacts of being fat. o Reclaiming the word fat o Using the word obese medicalizes human diversity and inspires finding a cure for a natural human difference. o Health is used as a way to scientifically justice beliefs that are socially driven. o Difference is once again attached to social power, in this case involving weight differences – employment, marriage, promotions, insurance, etc. o Weight discrimination will continue as long as efforts focus on changing people’s bodies rather than on changing people’s minds. social construction of manhood: Growing economic parity of women means that the role of the breadwinner is being eroded. This was how men gained their sense of masculinity. Women can now be more discriminating in who they choose as their partners. o Masculinity is affected by race. o Masculinity also interacts with sexuality. o Media can produce image of what the ideal body looks like, so it can control what value is placed on people based on their bodies. o Men can be made to feel equally insecure about their physical appearance as women. The media and marketers play on this and try to perpetuate this dissatisfaction so men can feel like they need to go out and improve themselves with products. Norplant:
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DOC Final - DOC 1: Diversity Final Study Guide Key Terms...

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