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Flow Chart for Naming Inorganic Compounds

Flow Chart for Naming Inorganic Compounds - Add the word...

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Flow Chart for Naming Simple Inorganic Compounds The flowchart is adapted from p. 131-132 of the February 1983 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education . Does the formula Are there two begin with H? atoms, both It is an Does the acid contain No Yes the same? acid. a polyatomic ion? Yes No (More than two elements.) Yes No It is the diatomic gas hydrogen. Does it begin with a metal Does the polyatomic which has more than one end in - ate or - ite ? oxidation number? Fe, Ni, - ate - ite Cu, Sn, Hg, Pb, Co, Cr, Au Name the first No Yes element followed by its oxidation number. Name the (Roman numeral) polyatomic ion, replacing - ate with - ic . Does the formula contain Add the word a polyatomic ion? (More acid . than two elements.) Is the polyatomic No Yes written first? Name the No Yes polyatomic ion, replacing - ite with - ous . Name the first element,
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Unformatted text preview: Add the word then the polyatomic ion. acid . (If two elements are present, name both, then the Write the prefix polyatomic ion.) hydro , then the name of the Name the polyatomic first, second element Are both elements then name the element second. with the -ic nonmetals? If there are two polyatomics, ending. Add the No Yes name the first, then the second. word acid . Name the first Are both elements element, then the the same? second element No Yes with -ide ending. Name the first element using the It is a diatomic proper prefix (di, tri, etc.), but never element. The mono. Name the second element with compound has the the proper prefix (including mono) same name as the and the -ide ending. element....
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