EXAM_2_STUDY_GUIDE - 12 What is continuous variation Give...

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BIO1411 Spring 2007 EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE 1. A trait that promotes success is called an _________________. 2. Accidental changes in DNA are called ___________________. 3. The best evidence for natural selection is ___________________. 4. The process by which new species are generated is _____________________. 5. __________________________ is the formation of a new species due to a physical  separation or populations over some geographic distance. 6. __________________________ are branching diagrams that illustrate evolutionary  relationships among species and populations. 7. What does it mean for a species to be endemic and why does that make it more vulnerable  to extinction? 8. Explain an organism’s niche. 9. What’s the difference between a generalist and a specialist? 10. Explain what the carrying capacity of a population is. 11. What’s the difference between fundamental niche and realized niche? 
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Unformatted text preview: 12. What is continuous variation? Give examples. BIO1411 Spring 2007 13. What is an organism’s phenotype? 14. Explain sexual selection and its impact on an organism’s longevity. 15. Explain convergent evolution. Give an example. 16. Explain co evolution. Give an example. 17. What defines a species and how can you tell it apart from other species? 18. List the different types of interactions between species and whether they are +, -, or 0. Explain your answers. BIO1411 Spring 2007 Visit a session for questions and help regarding lecture material covered the week of the exam Have you read the text? Have you made use of the online resources? It’s never too late to take advantage of Supplemental Instruction (SI)!...
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EXAM_2_STUDY_GUIDE - 12 What is continuous variation Give...

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