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History Final Outline - the new western territories A Comp...

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Thesis: The eventual abolition of slavery would not have come about without several  different political compromises that would chip away at the peculiar institution piece by  piece.
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I. Compromises from dividing slavery among states to trying to free slaves after owners have died; all might not have had a significant initial impact but did however add up in the long run. A. The Three Fifths compromise was one of the first compromises concerning slavery. 1. Southerners wanted slaves to count for tax and rep., came up with 3/5 B. Missouri Compromise wanted set up the whole idea of the power having an equal balance. C. Compromise of 1850 was a decision involving Texas and California becoming slave states or not. 1. Involved the Fugitive Slave Act. II. With expansionism and manifest destiny becoming a bigger issue, when it eventually got west it was not surprising to see that some of the earlier compromises were overruled by later ones that would deal with the slavery in
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Unformatted text preview: the new western territories. A. Comp. of 1850-set up California and texas coming in as slave and Free states, set up today’s texas border, settled situation with new mexico B. Expanding to Oregon and Kansas Nebraska and having an internal battle with K and N about slavery, brings on a new act which will nullify the Missouri compromise 1. Bleeding Kansas; civil war before civil war III. Sectionalism is a huge factor in the United States leading up to the civil war. A. Pottawattamie massacre- Jim Brown killed 5 pro slavery men with sons, perfect example of sectionalism with the US B. Missouri compromise- Missouri was in the south but wanted to go in to the union free, but Maine wanted to go in free to, since Missouri was in south and had salves already they went in a slave state, this show sectionalism… Missouri being in south and wanting to be free...
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History Final Outline - the new western territories A Comp...

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