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Marijuana Legalization2 - Ms. Jennifer Tingen English 112...

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Ms. Jennifer Tingen English 112 16 October 2007 Legalization Debate The issue of legalizing marijuana for both medicinal and recreational uses is one of the most largely debated social and legal arguments of this generation. While few states have decided to legalize the drug, marijuana remains illegal on a federal level. This issue covers a range of subjects, the most argued being the possible health benefits one receives from smoking the dried plant. However, there are other economic and social issues that are continually discussed. After reviewing both sides of the topic, it is only logical to deduce that marijuana should be legalized in the United States. In an article titled “Is Marijuana Really Medicine?” posted on, researchers discuss the possible health benefits and risks of smoking or ingesting marijuana. The four main benefits currently being researched are relief from nausea, increased appetite, muscle conditions, and easing pain, the article explains (“Is Marijuana…”). There is strong evidence from past research projects that points towards relief from all four of these conditions. By legalizing marijuana, people suffering from serious diseases or ailments could find relief not currently provided by any current prescriptions or over the counter medications. One of the most difficult
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Marijuana Legalization2 - Ms. Jennifer Tingen English 112...

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