Skye's Memo to GWBush

Skye's Memo to - Wallin 1 Skye Wallin Dr Isis Nusair Iraq Post 2003 March 7 2008 Case for Non-Intervention Memorandum to President George W Bush

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Wallin Skye Wallin Dr. Isis Nusair Iraq Post 2003 March 7, 2008 Case for Non-Intervention Memorandum to: President George W. Bush Subject: Recommendation Against an Invasion of Iraq Mr. President: It is with great urgency that I write to you a historically based argument that strongly discourages any form of military action against Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athist regime in Iraq. As a professor of history of the Middle East and North Africa, I have come to the analytical conclusion that an invasion and inevitable occupation of Iraq would yield similar failed results as those of the European colonists of the 19 th and 20 th centuries—creating a disastrous situation not only for the U.S. government, but also for the people of Iraq and the region as a whole. The world is currently living in the age of United States supremacy—whether in terms of cultural influence, economic preeminence, or brute military strength, the U.S. excels beyond any other nation; but this power is not without limits. 1 Invasion will inevitably result in the crushing of the Ba’athist forces, but the problems will arise in the aftermath—Iraqis (along with Turks, Iranians, Egyptians, and other Middle Easterners) are very mindful of the foreign occupations and interventions of the past, and will resist just as they 1 Khalidi, Rashid. Resurrecting Empire . Boston: Beacon, 2005., 153 1
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did when the British were the occupiers. 2 The “good intentions” that may be proclaimed by the United States will be overlooked by the masses of Iraqis who look back to their anti-colonial past, 3 or remember the disingenuous actions of the U.S. with regard to its close ties with Saddam Hussein 4 and its constant meddling in the Middle East following World War II. My intention in writing this memo is to implore the U.S. government to stop playing the dangerous game of Empire— conceited foreign policy has repeatedly ended in failure for imperialist nations, and has resulted in disastrous consequences for inhabitants of exploited territories. Using examples from history, I will provide reasoning for this analysis—beginning with an in-depth breakdown on some of the memories that Iraqis hold about foreign intervention—also discussing many of the hypocrisies and questionable motives that Middle Easterners see in United States foreign policy. I will continue with an analysis of how Western imperialism has, despite “intentions,” trampled significant democratic efforts that have arisen throughout the Middle East. I will conclude with a study of a possible alternative to U.S. involvement with Iraq (as provided by my colleague Rashid Khalidi)—an alternative that would perhaps result in true democratic and human rights reforms rising from within the nation instead of from 2 Ibid. 29-30 3 Ibid. 4
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Skye's Memo to - Wallin 1 Skye Wallin Dr Isis Nusair Iraq Post 2003 March 7 2008 Case for Non-Intervention Memorandum to President George W Bush

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