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Morgan Curtis Political Science 173.07 Joey Mello February 15, 2008 Campaign Advisor: Barack Obama It has come to my attention that Senator Obama wishes to seek my advice in regards to his current campaign for the presidency. I am very excited to work with the Obama camp, and I believe with my help he will be able to win the nomination. With the results of a close race on Super Tuesday, Senator Obama closed the gap on Hillary Clinton, and the opportunity to overtake his running-mate finally came to fruition. Winning thirteen of twenty-two states, Obama took a lot of momentum away from Clinton. Currently Obama and Clinton are tied at forty-four percent in the polls; however, Obama leads in delegates and it is unlikely he will lose this lead and will ultimately go on to become the next president of the United States. Barack needs to take his home state of Ohio, which will not be difficult to achieve. Hillary gained some momentum is states like California and New York, and gained the support of the Hispanic vote; however, the upcoming primaries are mostly in the Midwest, an area that does not carry the Hispanic vote that could possible propel Clinton to a victory. The biggest states that are in the not distant future are Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
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polisci discussion 1 - Morgan Curtis Political Science...

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