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culture of progress - Morgan Curtis History 101 April 11,...

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Morgan Curtis History 101 April 11, 2008 Alea Henle Culture of Progress As the nineteenth century came to a close the best description of the current way of life is progressive. New ways of thinking were getting more attention, and the old standards of the past were left just there, in the past. During the turn of the century, the culture was one of progress in every aspect of society. Progress can be defined as the forward or onward movement toward a destination, and during this time, society as a whole was taking leaps and bounds forward in every field from scientific to industrial. Western culture has forever prided itself on being progressive or as the forerunner of a new idea or way of thinking, and this was most evident during the turn of the century. One of the largest contributors to this “Culture of Progress” during this time was the second industrial revolution. With steam and electricity finally being used to its full potential, productivity in all facets of everyday life went up dramatically. No longer were people required to tend to their land and farm for mere subsidence, more attention could be allocated to other sectors and industries. This industrial revolution put people in a different mind set from the past, now, “For the first time in history, people began to expect continuing economic growth.” (Sherman, 644) This new urge from the public to attain money and effort to make more was
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culture of progress - Morgan Curtis History 101 April 11,...

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