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The Noble Lie And The Currency Of The Soul

The Noble Lie And The Currency Of The Soul - Zack Doolittle...

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Zack Doolittle, A38359219 The Noble Lie And The Currency Of The Soul The construction of a great and truly just city proves to be a precise and often perfect science. Socrates has built a city from the ground up, in order to find and define what justice is among men. The most important element of this fictional city is the education that all citizens receive. This education is planned to perfection and executed with rigid precision. Based on this societies structure there are three specific classes in the great city, the guardian elite who rule, the auxiliary warriors who protect and are the class where the guardians are promoted from, and the farmer/merchant class who seem to merely exist out of necessity with little or no noble purpose. At section 413c however, Socrates turns the conversation in a new direction. For the rest of Book Three (413c- 417b), he will attempt to sell Glaucon and Adeimantus on the concept of a noble lie that must be told to the inhabitants of the city in order for everything to work correctly and the circumstances that follow. Even after two books of proper and just education followed by a formula to develop leaders out of the elite class, Socrates feels the city must still rely on a lie in order to function correctly. The noble lie is as Socrates points out is, “Nothing new” and “something that requires a great deal of persuasion” (413c). It is a tale of the Myth of the Medals, one that separates men into three distinct classes. First the rulers and warrior elite are persuaded to believe that the education and rearing that they experienced was actually a dream, while they were truly being crafted and fashioned underneath the Earth until completion. They were then sent up, being born from the Earth, making that plot of ground their mother. All citizens were born and are born this way making every fellow
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citizen their brothers and sisters. Although all citizens are brothers, the God molds each one in a different way. Those who are destine to rule, which are the guardians, are created with a mixture of gold in their souls, which is why they are to be most honored. In auxiliaries, there is a mixture of silver and in the last class consisting of farmers and
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The Noble Lie And The Currency Of The Soul - Zack Doolittle...

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